RangeR BoB's front bumper remodelling

Front bumper off of the car

Front view with hood up, showing off the AC condenser in all its glory.

Passenger side, sans headlight. Note horn, and hoses for A/C. Wiring for foglights is a t left, curled back around itself. ALso note the black plastic three pronged clip used to support the bumper. The edge of the bumper merely snaps over the three hooks on this plate to hold it on, along with the two posts on the front.

The horn and a possible path for a cool air duct.

Shot of cone filter lurking insidee the fenderwell behind the headlight bucket.

Another shot of the intake plumbing

Intercooler duct and bumper mount post

Look Ma! There's an intercooler hiding up there!

Bumper on and foglight in place to see just how badly the fogs shroud the intercooler opening

Similar view with grille & fog light removed. At least a 100% inprovement in airflow.

This path to the left is all your intercooler has to breathe from normally.

a clearer look up the pipe thru the foglight opening, and details of the fog mounting..

Grille in place showing its restrictive nature (to stones as well as air, I am sure)