RangeR BoB's Audi A4 "lltek intake" page

The Installation

	We followed the procedure put out by "Johnny Bravo" from 

	It was refreshingly easy to do the installation.  Take your time
and do it right, maybe 1.5 hours as suggested.  I think we did the first
one in 1 hour and the second in less than 45 minutes. 

The Photos

Isn't it cute! Nestled in there like a good boy.

Side view without the cover on the show how the snorkle blows directly on the filter.

Top view with the cover installed.

Side view all buttoned up.

The Results

	I'd have to say I have not tried true performance numbers
before/after so I can only base numbers on others experience.  It might
have an effect on 0-60 times perhaps .1 seconds.  You can definitely hear
the intake more and there is the sound of rushing air as the turbo begins
to really boost.