RangeR BoB's Audi A4 "Pseudo Sport" grille page

I also blacked out the "chrome" surround on my grille.

Grille Removal:

Open the hood.

Remove grille by squeezing on 1/2 dozen clips that surround the grille on
the inside and hold it to the hood.  I used a pliers gently.  When the top
edge is loose, you can squeeze in the 4 clips on the sides.  Now you can
pop the grille out of the front of the hood, it tips down from the top
edge.  Once the top edge clears, lift up.


Separate the chrome by unlatching 1/2 dozen clips along the top.  There
are 4 additional clips at the sides of the surround.  They are the tough
ones.  The flexible part is on the main (black plastic) part of the
grille rather than on the surround.  You have to move the grill out
of the way of the surround, not the silver clips themselves.

Cleanup and painting:

Once the silver part was free, I washed and cleaned the plastic carefully.

A couple coats of gray sandable primer were followed by several coats of
flat black spray paint.  I let it dry overnight and it was ready in the

Reassembly of the grille:

Set the lower edge of the surround into the grille frame, and guide the 6
main tabs back in.  Now slowly squeeze in the 4 side clips.  You can now
remount the grille to the car.

Grille Installation:  

Set the bottom edge of the grille in place and swing up.  Gently smack the
front of the grille with the palm of your hand to seat it in place.  Make
sure the clips all have a good bite.

Gloss black wouldn't work, but maybe semigloss would be better.  Anyway, I
ended up with a VERY matte finished black surround.  I think it matches
the black trim on my 1.8, and was much cheaper than a replacement grille.